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The org chart you need whenever you need it

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What is OrgChart?

OrgChart allows isolved customers to automate the generation of organizational charts. A direct integration automatically synchronizes your customized org charts with isolved data. No more wasting time manually creating org charts in PowerPoint or Visio. Easily customize charts to meet your business requirements (control fields shown in boxes, specify colors, specify fonts, and even add custom calculations)—export charts to formats including PDF and PowerPoint.

What are the benefits of using OrgChart?

Your organizational chart is one of the most critical tools for planning, providing essential insights and visibility. Eliminate frustrations and wasted time creating and maintaining these charts by hand. OrgChart creates custom charts that can show span of control to budgeting, DEI to vacancies, and do it automatically from your isolved data.

How does the app work?

OrgChart allows customers to create customized organizational charts directly from data sourced from isolved. With OrgChart, users can automatically create and synchronize rule-driven org charts through API queries. The solution offers a wide range of features to support your needs, from everyday charts to complicated planning scenario building. You can add photos to charts, apply conditional formats, add calculations, combine multiple data sources (like an ATS), and specify fonts, colors, fields shown in boxes, and more.

If you are an employer currently using this app and have questions, please contact your isolved Customer Service Representative. 

If you are an employer interested in learning more about this app, please use the Contact Us button above to be connected.

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