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Empowering employees to grow their wealth with a matched Certified Financial Planner™, tailored education, tax, and financial planning services

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What is Pattern?

Pattern is a financial wellness benefit that matches each employee with a Certified Financial Planner™ and provides access to powerful personal finance software. Through our platform, employees gain access to on-demand financial advice, one-on-one virtual planning services, and personalized educational content. The Pattern advisory team partners with employees to help them achieve their financial goals, often in areas such as tax and retirement planning, student loan repayment, utilization of benefits, budgeting, and much, much more.

Pattern has reimagined the financial advisory industry by pairing human expertise and powerful technology to make financial wellness accessible to all. For an affordable subscription fee, each employee receives a dedicated team and support tailored to their unique financial goals.

What are the benefits of using Pattern?

Pattern’s financial wellness benefit includes a suite of financial tools and specialized support:

  • Employees save thousands with Pattern’s ongoing financial planning services, when compared to the industry’s average fees*
  • Financial guidance from experienced fiduciaries and personalized financial plans based on individual needs and goals
  • Incorporation of employees’ total compensation to support their financial goals
  • Access to savings tools and risk-based investment portfolios
  • Intuitive interface and app navigation
  • In-app access to advisor’s calendar for instant scheduling
  • Access to live financial education webinars
  • In-app messaging for on-demand answers and advice with advisory teams
  • One-on-one virtual meetings with a matched Certified Financial Planner™

*On average, the wealth management industry charges $2,400+ for a one-time financial plan, and a minimum of $5,000 annually for ongoing support (2019 Kitces).

How does this app work?

Getting started with Pattern is seamless and integration-free. 

  1. After choosing to offer Pattern as a benefit, your dedicated Pattern representative will provide co-branded informational materials to announce the new employee wellness benefit.
  2. Pattern will also work with the client's point of contact to schedule a kick-off webinar. The webinar(s) will provide a brief overview of the client’s new employee benefit and a company-specific educational component.
  3. After the kick-off webinar, an invitation to the Pattern platform will be sent to each employee. This invitation will include a unique company code that will unlock access to the Pattern platform. Once an employee logs into the Pattern platform, they will be granted immediate access to all of the benefits offered by Pattern.
  4. Employers will receive anonymized engagement metrics on an ongoing basis and access to our bi-weekly webinars. These webinars include an overview of Pattern for new hires and topical financial education for all employees.

If you are an employer with questions about this app, please use the Contact Us button to be connected with Pattern.

If you are an existing Pattern customer and require assistance, you can log into the Pattern platform and message your advisory team or reach out to Pattern’s customer support team directly.

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