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Provided by Payro

Get a short-term, 1.5% loan any time payroll is due and there’s a cash delay — so you never have to worry about covering payroll again

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What is Payro?

Get payroll funding, on-demand

Billing errors, banking holidays, delayed receivables…whatever the cause, you know the deal. Because of reasons out of your control, your businesses can be thriving and still sometimes struggle to make payroll.

Being late is not an option. Which is why we’re offering Payroll Funding powered by Payro. It’s an extra tool in your payroll kit that helps you guarantee your employees are paid on time, no matter what.

  • No cost to sign up
  • Just 1.5% to use
  • Funded same-day

What are the benefits of using Payro?

Fund payroll gaps any time of day (or night) through the Payro Portal

With PAYRO as a safety net, you’ll have access to immediate funding in the event of a cash-flow inconsistency. Borrow as little as $5,000 for 0-4 weeks!

  • No cost to sign up
  • Just 1.5% to use
  • Funded same-day

How does this app work?

Step 1: Apply online in 90 seconds or less

Applications are initiated on our portal, where you’ll first create a profile. Once verified, simply upload 6 months of bank statements, or auto-authenticate via our PLAID integration. 

We’ll review your application and send approval in 1-2 business days. Depending on credit criteria, you can be approved for up to $500k of coverage.

Step 2: Request funding whenever you need it

Simply log in and tell us how much you need. Funds will be transferred straight to your bank account same-day.

Step 3: Repay when the cash comes in

Your account will autopay on the date you’ve preset.

If you are an employer interested in learning more about this app, please use the Contact Us button above to be connected.

If you are an employer and would like to login to this app, please visit Payro directly.

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